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Hi-end erotic cabaret

Icon of intellectual erotica and master of charismatic immersive acting with a light touch of sophisticated provocation. Agneta is a traveling show-lady, headliner of numerous cabaret shows all over Europe and special guest at iconic fetish parties.

Agneta's idea is based on aristocratic/intellectual/theatrical approach to eroticism. Her one-woman dance stories range from tasteful cabaret acts to complicated ones with a lot of drama inside. All her acts are created according to high professional standards, with expense and class.

Agneta started her professional career in 2017 in Moscow and debuted internationally in 2018 in London following with shows all over Europe. Headlined “Caput Mundi IBA” in Rome, “Danger Strip“ show in Edinburgh and various cabaret shows in England, Ireland, Germany, Italy and other countries. Opened main Gala shows of London Burlesque Festival and Oslo Burlesque Festival.

Specialized “Peaky Blinders” female performer and entertainer. Creator of her solo benefit show “Women in Seduction“ (3/5 acts of erotic dance storytelling forming a whole story) and “aristocratic eroticism” conception teaching women all over Europe how to be sexy in a beautiful, powerful and non-vulgar way.

Hi-end erotic cabaret Hi-end erotic cabaret



The Libertine The Libertine
The Libertine

A chair dance, full of games and coquetry of the courtly 18th century. What tantalizing secrets hide within her garments?

The Equestrienne The Equestrienne
The Equestrienne

An elegant number about a woman successful in all respects – a perfect master at training horses... and men.

Il Portiere di Notte / The Night Porter Il Portiere di Notte / The Night Porter
Il Portiere di Notte / The Night Porter

A powerful and dramatic number inspired by the iconic film of the same name. Woman as captive, woman as prisoner – you can break her, but she remains a woman.

Cabaret Solo Cabaret Solo
Cabaret Solo

The name speaks for itself: a top hat, a staff and tasteful choreography. An opening act with a clear erotic overtone.

Tommy Shelby / Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby / Peaky Blinders
Tommy Shelby / Peaky Blinders

Inspired by famous British series of the same name. This woman will make you hot under the collar even dressed as Tommy Shelby - and it's just the beginning...

Eve, or first-ever seduction Eve, or first-ever seduction
Eve, or first-ever seduction

A story as old as the world. 

A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire
A Streetcar Named Desire

The act is based on the story of Blanche, the main character of the famous play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams. Unhinged, yet sublime. Exquisite, but fallen. And – invariably attractive.

Lilith, or Swamp Witch Lilith, or Swamp Witch
Lilith, or Swamp Witch

Interrupted by unexpected sounds, a witch realizes she is being called to a coven’s sabbath and undergoes an act of erotic worship of the dark forces.

LED-fans, a steaming potion and horror-ambience – this is a very eye-catching number!

Thais of Athens Thais of Athens
Thais of Athens

Thais of Athens - the famous courtesan of Ancient Greece and the living manifestation of the goddess Aphrodite. She grants inspiration, joie de vivre, delight in food, her own corporeal beauty, and most importantly, the most exquisite sensual pleasures.

Violetta Violetta

A crazy dark cabaret striptease full of improvisation and fun. A mechanic vintage circus doll is broken in her mind and body, but it will not stop her from being the bomb of the evening!

Immersive acting / interactive walkabout Immersive acting / interactive walkabout
Immersive acting / interactive walkabout

Charismatic interaction with a light touch of sophisticated erotic provocation. Any character and storyline that suits event theme. 

Women of Seduction

solo show

A dangerous mix of 3 or 5 tales of seduction forming a whole story

Fill the night with hi-end intellectual erotica and vibes of theatrical burlesque

Erotic dance storytelling show by Agneta Linchevskaya

perfect for cabarets, dinner-shows and private parties

Fetish specials

Night Porter BDSM Edition

Night Porter BDSM Edition

Bestseller act of fetish erotic storytelling by Agneta Linchevskaya. A woman is never stronger than when her weakness becomes her weapon. Especially when she is given no other way.

This three parts act shows a prisoner woman turning into avenger toward her torturer – with super hot powerful interactive whipping action and full victory over the evil.

Wax duo

Wax duo

Mind-blowing erotic performance based on power exchange between 2 girls. A mix of the hottest fetish actions and - mostly important – beautiful acrobatics with WAX happening right on the table you are sitting by. Take care – fire alarm!

Pony Play

Pony Play

Pony play is one of the most aesthetical kinky-practices. And this act is also a true circus! An experienced trainer shows marvelous results of refined aristocratic dressage with a group of her 4 well-educated horses and a handsome stallion.

Cross-dress/drag act

Cross-dress/drag act

Love story act between 2 cross-dressers with a twist. Three parts represent 3 stages of relationship: pantomime for dating, retro dance for wedding happiness and Domination-Submission action for “real life”.